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Project54 Health and Wellness initiative:

Empowering Inclusion and Equity in Medicine


At Project 54 HWI, our mission is to tackle the pervasive challenges of bias and discrimination in the healthcare industry. We focus on creating a more inclusive and equitable medical field, where every patient receives the care they deserve, free from the constraints of bias and prejudice. Our targeted areas include mental and physical health, fields where disparities in treatment and diagnosis are profoundly evident.

Our Approach

We believe in the power of data-driven methodologies, combined with the expertise of field professionals and the powerful impact of award-winning films, to create transformative experiences in medical education. Our approach is multifaceted:
  • Data-Driven Training: Leveraging cutting-edge research and analytics, we develop both research studies as well as training modules that help medical professionals recognize and address unconscious biases.
  • Expert Collaboration: We partner renowned experts in psychology and medicine with award winning artists and filmmakers to ensure our training is cutting edge and available to educators around the world.
  • Film as a Medium for Change: Our award-winning films are not just educational tools; they are conversation starters, empathy builders, and powerful vehicles for showcasing the real-life impacts of bias in every aspect of our communities.

Making a Broad Impact

Our initiatives extend beyond individual healthcare providers to encompass hospital administrators and health advocates and provided for free or at reduced cost to communities in need.. We aim to instill a culture of inclusivity at every level of the healthcare system. By reducing bias, we can improve life-saving protocols and ensure they are applied equitably across all patient populations.

Innovative Course Design

Our courses are a blend of interactive modules, expert-led workshops, and film screenings. These elements come together to create a unique and impactful learning experience. We continually update our courses to reflect new findings and techniques, ensuring that our communities are at the forefront of inclusive healthcare practices.

Pilot courses are already in use for workplace discrimination and bias in policing. We currently have courses in development for mental health, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), asthma, and dermatology.

Upcoming Events 

Upcoming Events 

Upcoming Events 

Upcoming Events 

Upcoming Events 

Live panel

Using Film to Tackle Bias in the healthcare system

at the Family, Finance, Fun Festival, Orlando FL May 2024

Join Us

Your support and involvement can make a significant difference. Join us at Project54 in our journey to transform the medical field into a space of true equality and inclusion. Together, we can build a healthcare system that serves everyone with dignity and respect.

Contact Us

For more information about our programs, to donate, or to host an event, please contact us.
This webpage is designed to effectively communicate the mission, approach, and impact of Project54, fostering engagement and support from the community.

Current Event Plans

  • Launching These Final Hours short film series screenings & Confronting Bias educational workshops on dismantling racial bias.
  • Launching a new training course for healthcare professionals with the aim of dismantling inequality in health care services
  • Live panel – Using Film to Tackle Bias in the healthcare system – at the Family, Finance, Fun Festival